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Nantong Qingmao Lab Consumable Instrument Co., Ltd.

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Qingmao Lab Consumable Instrument Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and supplier specializing in producing biochemical and experiment consumables for lab.

Nowadays with the integration of global economy, Qingmao team adheres to the enterprise spirit of sincerity, professional and innovation to supply Professional service for Professional clients. Qingmao lab put the quality and innovation into first place all along in product development and production of the core status. Our products have been known and accepted by more and more clients from all the world and those clients also share the quality, value and profit brought by Qingmao’s growing.

Qingmao Lab focuses on developing and designing original products. We have the ability to continuously develop new products, In recent years, the cooperation with our company in the development of original products continues to increase, we try to according to the purchasers’ wishes to develop suitable for different regions, habit of perfect products. It is our eternal goal to develop perfect and convenient products for customers to use.

Qingmao’s every product is made in strict accordance with the CE standard. At the same time, we have past ISO13485 Management System Certification and have a number of product patent certificates . Our products are pushing forward toward Africa, Middle East and global market.

We hope that through our unremitting efforts, Qingmao experiment has become a customer mind: Exquisite Products, Quality Services, and Customized Pronoun..

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